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SCM E-Portable is the pioneer in the porta cabin design, manufacturer, and supplier in India. We specialize in prefabricated structures like Site Office, Farm House, Toilets, Office Cabin,  Security Room, Home,  Café, Bunk House, Containers Home,  Worker Accommodation, Acoustic Enclosure, Storage container,  Modular Kitchen. With years of experience we are the best porta cabin manufacturer in India.




Leading Porta Cabin Suppliers in India

Porta Cabin is the future- Yes, especially in this era of a growing population and congested spaces, portacabins are going to stay for long. Portacabins are gaining popularity due to its distinct features and uniqueness from traditional buildings. It is portable and easy to install. SCM E-portable the best high-quality Porta Cabin Manufacturer in India, of any size, to fulfill any application. Our portable buildings can be relocated to meet your specific requirements, whether you need to move them to a new spot on an existing site, or even new premises entirely. Moreover, they don’t need a foundation; a flat surface is more than enough for this cabin. These buildings are economical and extremely cost-effective. The usage options of portacabins are endless- offices, classrooms, accommodation, ablutions, kitchen units, and much more. This unrivaled flexibility of portacabins makes them an excellent choice for your space requirements.

Trusted Porta Cabin manufacturer in India

SCM E-portable is the leading and trusted Porta Cabin Manufacturer in India. With office and factory located in Delhi, we manufacturer and install all types of high quality porta cabins in and around the India. Because our portacabins are constructed in our Delhi factory, rather than onsite, enabling us to keep costs low. Our buildings are available with a range of excellent amenities that you’d expect from a standard structure, such as insulation, and air conditioning. Since these portable cabins come already constructed, they can be easily installed, saving you time and hassle. At SCM E-portable, we are porta cabin manufacturer in India specialize in providing secure, functional portable cabins suitable for all your needs. We offer a range of great products, including shades and flooring, to meet your requirements.

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